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blog & newsA walking tour of Nafplio’s romantic Old town

A walking tour of Nafplio’s romantic Old town

Whether you’re admiring the Venetian architecture or strolling along the waterfront, Nafplio’s Old Town is the perfect romantic getaway 2hrs from Athens.

When it comes to romantic escapes, there’s one town that springs to mind for Greeks: Nafplio, the Venetian’s ‘Naples of the East’, built on a small peninsula in the Peloponnese’s Argolic Gulf.

To spend a day in the Old Town is to relive some of modern Greece’s most important events. It was the first capital after independence from the Turks and the scene of both the crowning of the country’s first king and assassination of its first prime minister.

At the same time, its Venetian influences have the ability to sweep you off your feet. You’ll feel it all the way from the lofty fortifications (Palamidi Castle is an experience in itself) to the gelato you’ll enjoy whilst strolling down the narrow cobblestoned alleyways.

With tavernas serving local dishes with an undeniable finesse, atmospheric monuments and neoclassical mansions, Nafplio has a compelling story to tell. So whether you’re on a romantic stroll or exploring with the kids, plot your route or just let your feet guide you… either way, prepare to fall in love.

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